World Disc Games

Do you wish to play disc golf? Contact us, and we’ll give you the time and space to participate in the most prestigious disc tournament. Keep scrolling if you want to know more!

World Disc Sports

Participate in the event, which will feature several different games, including ultimate frisbee, catch and run, disc golf, freestyle frisbee, and more.

Disc Golf

Play disc golf, a game using flying discs that use rules similar to golf and involves players throwing discs at targets. To complete each hole in as few discs throws as possible is the goal of the game.

Double Disc

Play the double disc, a two-disc version of ultimate frisbee, with five teams of five players. The game is recognized for its fast, high-flying action and is played on a pitch resembling a soccer or football field.

Special Accommodations

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Hotels & Motels

Play your hearts out and then give rest to your body in some of our spacious rooms and comfortable beds.

Bed & Breakfast

Order a freshly prepared breakfast to be served in your room and enjoy it in bed, or stop by the lounge to have it delivered to your table in time for the game.

Inns & Vacation Rentals

We have reasonably priced rooms available if you have planned to stay and enjoy yourself with us for a longer time.

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World Disc Games Info

Looking for more information on the World Disc Games? See what’s listed below, so you know what to expect.

Distance Event

The goal in the distance event is simple: throw the disc farther then your competitors. There are five throwing stations, each marked with foul lines consisting of a 3 meter (10 foot) front line and perpendicular sidelines which are 3 meters (10 feet) to 15 meters (50 feet) in length.

Accuracy Event

The playing area in the accuracy event consists of seven throwing stations, set at varying distances and angles from the target, which is a net approximately 2 meters square. Stations are clearly marked with front and side foul lines.

Maximum Time Aloft Event

The goal of MTA is to keep a disc in the air for as long as possible. The time starts when the competitor releases the disc and stops whenever (s)he first touches it in the air again. For the time to be scored, they must catch it cleanly with one hand before it hits the ground.

Freestyle Event

Freestyle is creative movement with a disc. Competitive Freestyle is a game whereby a player or a team of two or three players perform a routine consisting of a series of throws, catches and moves, done to music, using one or more discs. Judges score the routines based on difficulty, execution, and presentation.

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