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What Are The Types Of Golf Discs?

The sport of disc golf is always engaging. There will be many different methods to perform the game, so it’s important to have a basic understanding of each type of disc one will be using. It’s also essential that you understand what each disc accomplishes and when it’s appropriate to utilize it. We’ll take a quick look at each of the four-disc golf disc varieties in this post.

Fairway drivers

A fairway driver is often a reliable, accurate, long-range disc. In comparison to a long-distance driver, it is also simpler to throw and manage. The fairway driver is the best option if you want to strike a ratio between distance and accuracy.

Fairway drivers


Fairway drivers can be used to drive, although they will travel farther and faster than high-speed drivers. Since they require less distance to throw from the fairway and better control while driving through forested courses, they are ideal for both of these situations.

Distance drivers

The distance driver should be targeted by those seeking the maximum distance and range on the course. While some Distance Driver variants offer a straight line of motion, others can veer left or right along the fairway.


Distance drives are used to cover the most amount of ground from the fairway or the tee. Drivers can be thrown, on average, between 300 and 400 feet, and even further under ideal circumstances and by a skilled player. The thrower has a variety of shot alternatives and confidence in a variety of scenarios because to the different weights, plastic kinds, and disc stability available in drivers.


The slowest flying discs for disc golf are putters. Typically, they are manageable and won’t get out of hand. Putters generally always fly fairly straight in comparison to drivers. They are useful for approach shots that land close to the hoop to create easy putts as well as for falling in the basket itself.


Putters make excellent approach discs because they are less likely to veer off course and because resting flat enables them to drop quickly for precision. Your putters will be most useful while you are actually putting. Your putters will provide you the greatest consistency while putting than any other disc.

Midrange discs

In comparison to the set of discs, midrange discs have a significantly more rounded top and a wider rim. The disc’s rounded edges help it maintain balance and fall flat, but they also cause it to slow down considerably more quickly while in flight.


As you get closer to the basket, mid-range discs are typically employed. They give you the greatest degree of control over the disc’s trajectory and angle of landing. When the breeze is a problem or you need to maintain the disc low due to overhanging trees, mid-range discs are also suitable for driving.


Most well-rounded bags include a putter, midrange, fairway driver, and a distance driver. If you are new to the game I would recommend starting with just a midrange and a putter until you have enough arm speed to accurately throw a driver. If you aren’t sure what discs to buy I would recommend buying some Discraft discs; they are the most popular manufacturer and make some of the best quality discs on the market.


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